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About Us

Expertise – Every member of our team is an expert and passionate about our work.  We take great pride in our unique ability and approach
to address problems in ways never before considered with outcomes never before thought possible.

Collaboration and Transparency – We think these values go together.  We take a glass box approach to every project and work with your own
team of experts to develop RTI/O strategies.  Having ownership in the design process achieves the best results in operation. 

Heroic Outcomes – We are driven to solve big problems and deliver high Return on Investment to our clients – both financial and ecological. 
We know we can help every city, but we’re most interested in hitting home runs.  Real Time Intelligence and Optimization maximizes
wastewater capture, dramatically reduces sewage overflow, and shaves millions from Long Term Control Plan budgets. 

Do the Right Thing - We wrestle with this virtue every day and you'll often hear it spoken in our office.  We are driven by obligation to proliferate
Real Time Intelligence and Optimization but we'll only take on work that we know will really move the needle.