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Real Time Control Optimization

Real Time Control Optimization

Minimize overflows and/or flooding by optimizing existing infrastructure. Real Time Control Optimization makes the collection system able to intelligently and dynamically adapt to changing storm conditions.

Real Time Control Optimizations takes advantage of rain spatial and temporal variability to dynamically adapt the collection system to maximize storage and conveyance. Conditions that make a collection system ideal for Real Time Control Optimization are:

  • Spatial and temporal rain variability
  • Long travel times
  • Varied uses of land (urban versus suburban)
  • Large conveyance or storage assets

EmNet's Real Time Control Optimization process starts by using the hydraulic model to determine if your collection system is amenable to Real Time Control. Only projects that can clearly demonstrate a large return on investment are considered. Our open source and open architecture strategies ensure that our system can be verified and implemented by third parties for maximum sustainability.