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Real Time Monitoring

Real Time Monitoring

EmNet designs and implements large and complex real time monitoring systems for challenging applications. EmNet's objective-driven design uses the best technologies available to acquire and collect critical information.

EmNet’s expertise in designing and building custom real time monitoring systems for long-term and permanent deployments is based on a multi-disciplinary effort that utilizes the latest technologies in wireless systems, battery power management, material sciences, and systems integration. From complex CSO structures to large sewer lines, from water flow and level to custom-made water quality sensors, EmNet is well positioned to address your needs.

EmNet uses open source and standard technologies to design high performance monitoring systems that are aimed at addressing the client's unique objectives. Due to the open architecture design, EmNet's Real Time Monitoring systems are designed to seamlessly integrate with existing SCADA systems, GIS, and Asset Management Systems.

EmNet's Real Time Monitoring systems have the following characteristics:

  • Can utilize virtually any kind of sensor or monitor available in the market.
  • Wireless telemetry using cellular, 900MHz, and other technologies.
  • Battery-powered with extremely long battery life.
  • Real time data delivery or condition-based data delivery.
  • Owner-managed or EmNet-managed.
  • Web-based interface or SCADA/GIS/Asset Management System integrated.