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EmNet is the only company that offers an open, integrated technology platform for the smart water utility of the future. Our technology and consulting services enable comprehensive understanding, control, and dynamic optimization of water infrastructure, drastic reductions in water and wastewater overflow, and consistently improving system performance over time—all at a fraction of the cost of traditional overflow mitigation strategies.


EmNet was formed in 2004 in partnership with the City of South Bend, Ind., and the University of Notre Dame, for the specific purpose of solving South Bend’s combined sewer overflow problem using advanced control systems theory and civil engineering. Our comprehensive real-time decision support system has reduced South Bend overflow volume by 70 percent, or over one billion gallons per year, for less than one tenth of the original budget. Today we’re helping cities across the country achieve similar gains.


EmNet seeks individuals who want to join our driven, contrarian, creative experts in their endeavor to use high tech tools to solve age-old infrastructure problems.

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