Real Time Intelligence and Optimization

EmNet's Real Time Intelligence and Optimization technology helps utilities maximize existing and planned resources to minimize overflows and save money. EmNet connects the dots between your IT systems and physical infrastructure to visualize, understand and improve collection system operation.

  • Optimize conveyance and storage
  • Monitor complex systems
  • Implement alarming systems
  • Implement data-driven O&M

Real Time Monitoring

EmNet's objective-driven design uses the best technologies available to acquire and collect critical information. EmNet's expertise in designing and building custom real time monitoring systems for long-term and permanent deployments is based on a multi-disciplinary effort. In order to achieve this, EmNet utilizes the latest technologies in wireless systems, battery power management, material sciences, and systems integration.

Real Time Analysis

EmNet's Real Time Analysis integrates real time monitoring data with hydraulic and hydrological models to deliver not just numbers, but insight. EmNet's data analysis engines are capable of concentrating and processing hundreds of data streams from real time monitoring systems and providing the means to simultaneously analyze the information in an intuitive and effective manner.

Real Time Control Optimization

Real Time Control Optimization makes the collection system able to intelligently and dynamically adapt to changing storm conditions. Real Time Control Optimization takes advantage of the spatial and temporal variability of rainfall to dynamically adapt the collection system in order to maximize storage and conveyance.